Monday, June 6, 2011

June Q-pon

The June Q-Pon has been released!!
Save 25% on these great products! Order them as a 6-pack and save 30%!
This months Q Club Specials are:
Carrot Dices:
Adding THRIVE Carrot Dices to any of your favorite meals will give you the beta-carotene and vitamin A you need to maintain healthy skin and vision.
THRIVE Carrot Dices are pre-cut into tiny pieces to help save you time. Simply add the required amount to any of your favorite recipes and you will have a quick and easy meal containing all the flavors and nutrients needed to achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle.
Q Club Price: $12.81 (#10 Can)

Neapolitan Bits

THRIVE® Neapolitan Bits are the perfect creamy treat when you want ice cream without the brain freeze. You will love the look and taste of these tiny, colorful spheres of real ice cream. A refreshing look on a long-time favorite; if you like Neapolitan ice cream, you won’t be able to resist this!
Q Club Price: $35.99 (#10 Can)
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