Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 Days of Faves: Home Store

Each day during the month of June, I am featuring one of my favorite things about Shelf Reliance as part

of the30 days of Faves Blog Party at Party Plan Divas!

Today I am posting about my all time favorite thing from Thrive/Shelf Reliance:

The Home Store

Imagine walking into your pantry to find your own grocery store, stocked with all of your families favorite foods. Everything is fresh, ready to use, washed & chopped. All the food in this grocery store is free. You just grab and use what you need to prepare your families favorite meals. You have everything at your finger tips. Convenient and ready. All in your home.

This is your home store.

A Home Store is your essentially your grocery store in your pantry. It is your food insurance. In your home store you have stored all the foods your family uses and loves. Your Home store is the solutions to all the “What If” Questions.

With your home store you will never run out of milk or eggs.

In your home store you will have fresh fruits and vegetables always in season and already washed and chopped.

With your home store you never have to worry about sky rocketing food cost.

With your home store you are able to more easily minister to others, because you have food readily available.

With your home store there is Less Martha and More Mary, you are able to spend more time with your family and loved ones because your shopping, planning, and preparing are done.

With your home store, you have food insurance. No matter what happens, Job loss, a recessions, disability, or illness you will have nutritious food for your family.

Your home store contains lots of freeze-dried foods with a long shelf life. Your food store contains canned goods and quick meals you’ve stocked up on either through THRIVE or couponing.

The easiest way to build up your home store is using the Q. The Q is pay as you go Food Storage. Shelf Reliance helps you determine what and how much of each food you needThe Food Rotation system helps you ensure your foods are easily and properly rotated.

With the Q, everything comes to your door step! No crazy dashes around town for the best prices. No running into your ex at the grocery store. Just sit back and relax and let the food show up on your door step.

To Learn More about the Home Store click Here.

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  1. WOW - this is amazing!

    Visiting from the 30 Days of Faves blog party.

    Is this a picture of your pantry?

  2. no... I wish! But, it is someone at Shelf Reliance's I'm sure! But my goal is to have mine looking that great!! We all have to start out Home Store some where.. And mine is starting a bit at a time with a pantry closet in my kitchen. Its actually really amazing to me just how quickly your home store and food storage really start accumulating!

    I truly use items from my home store EVERY day. I am constantly throwing a spoon full of peppers or onions in EVERYTHING! The eggs are a real money saver and a healthy alternative. I seriously do not know how we would live with out the Instant Milk. We go through milk like CRAZY. We use to spend so much time and money on trips just for milk! Now I always have more than enough milk waiting for me when I need it! I could go on and on...

    Thanks so much for visiting!!

  3. I love it! That pantry looks fantastic! We don't live very close to the store, so this would definitely cut down on our gas expenditures!

  4. That pantry looks so amazing because it utilizes our Food Rotation System. Everything stays neat and tidy and your food is properly rotated!

    We also live 'in the middle of no where' so we try to make as few trips to town or the grocery store as possible. To combat that, we started buying in bulk. I wound up either throwing out tons of produce and other perishables and still needing to make runs into town for grocery items we needed. Now we have a Q and I just sit back and let my groceries arrive to my front door!! We still buy other household goods in bulk or we coupon! And we are starting to include some house hold goods in our home store as part of our 'insurance' if we ever face a difficult time and need it!!

    The foods are very healthy. Some of the produce actually has more nutrition than fresh produce from your grocery store!! (because its freeze dried after being harvested at the perfect time! Nice and ripe!) Thrive foods have no added sugars or salts or preservative. And they are so incredibly quick an easy!! Many things are delicious straight from the can!! Others just need to soak in water for 5 min and you are ready to go! It's a real life saver when you forget to set out meat to thaw!!