Saturday, June 18, 2011

30 Days of Faves: Cansolidator

Welcome back! Each day in June I am going to be sharing with you one of my favorite Shelf Reliance Products as part of the 30 days of faves blog party!

Today I am excited to share with you one line of Shelf Reliance Food Rotation Systems: The Consolidator.

 Do you have a disorganized pantry? Maybe a messy pantry?

Do you have expired fruits and veggies sitting on your cabinets? Do you rotate your canned goods? Is you pantry so disorganized that cereal falls on you while you search for Peanut Butter?

We have all been there! Keeping your food rotated and organized can be lots of work!

Not Any More!

Introducing The Consolidator Series!

These awesome devices store, organize, and rotate your canned goods for you!

The consolidator is adjustable and stackable!

The Consolidator series comes in 3 different sizes! The cupboard (20 cans), Pantry (40 cans), and Pantry Plus (60 cans).

With The Consolidator your pantry will be neat and organized.

You will save time and money by easily being able to find your canned goods.

Not Sure which Consolidator or Food Rotation System is right for you? Use our Shelving Planner, or contact me!

Watch Shelf Reliance Food Rotation Systems in Action:

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  1. Great common sense here. Wish I’d thouhgt of that.

  2. It's spooky how celevr some ppl are. Thanks!