Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Food-Storage Friendly Jelly Fruit Snacks!

Inspired by This Recipe at Six Sister's Stuff.

Kids LOVE fruit snacks! But they are so full of preservatives and yuck! They are also not very shelf stable. Don't worry! A Healthy version of these delicious snacks are very easy to make at home with shelf stable ingredients!

You Will Need:
3 Envelopes unflavored gelatin
1/3 Cup Juice, Thrive Drink Mix (Or 1/3 C Water + other flavoring)
Honey, Stevia, or other sweetener (Optional)
Cornstarch (Optional)

Combine juice, sweetener, and gelatin in sauce pan over medium heat. Stir until well dissolved. Spoon warm gelatin mixture into molds. Allow to sit (does NOT need refrigeration) at least 20 minutes. Turn jelly snacks out of molds. Dust with cornstarch to prevent snacks from sticking together.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Food Storage friendly Homemade 'Speghetti Os'

Who doesn't love comfort foods like Spaghetti O's? I want my food storage full of delicious comfort foods. In hard times, when our bodies may already be under stress, the last thing I want to feed my family is less than yummy foods. Food can be very healing and comforting. But, unfortunately many 'comfort foods' are full of preservatives and junk! The solution? Easy homemade alternatives! You and your kiddos will love this delicious and much more nutritious and cost effective alternative to store bought pasta and sauce!

This recipe is truly so easy its nearly criminal!

You will need

 1 cup small pasta (You could also use homemade a sprouted or sourdoughs pasta)
2 tbs Olive Oil
2 Garlic Cloves
1 Pinch crushed red pepper
1 1/2 + 2C water 
(Plus water for cooking pasta)
2/3 + 1 tbs C Thrive Tomato Powder
1/2 C Magic Mix
1 tbs Stevia or Raw Brown Sugar or Sugar
Seasoning to Taste
1 C shredded cheese (optional)

Cook your pasta according to package instructions. While your past is cooking, In another pan, Add Olive oil, Bell Peppers, Crushed Pepper and garlic. Cook over medium heat about 30 second or until fragrant. In a bowl, Mix 2/3C tomato powder with 2c water. (To make tomato sauce) Add this to your pan. Add 1 heaping tbs tomato powder. Add magic Mix, remaining water, stevia and seasonings. You may need a whisk to fully incorporate magic mix. Stir over medium heat. For thinner soup, use less magic mix, for thicker, use more. When all ingredients are mixed well, simmer on low for about 10 min. You may also add 1 C of shredded Cheese stir until melted. Drain pasta. Stir Pasta into sauce and serve. (If some in your family like their's more soupy than others, you can place pasta into bowls and ladle desired amount of sauce onto noodles.)

 This recipe freezes great! You can double the recipe and freeze into portion sizes to be reheated on the stove!

I'm thinking of trying to make this into an all-in-one mix! I'll let you know how it turn out!

~Happy Eating~

Monday, January 14, 2013

Refrigeration without Electricity

I received the most wonderful book! An anthology of 1935 Progressive Farmer Magazines! In looking through these little treasures of history, I found some really interesting advertisements. The rural wife could have all the convenience of the city without electricity. Most farm families where without electricity. (President Johnson actually ran for office in the late 30's on the premise of State-Wide electricity in Texas) How was this refrigeration possible without electricity? Kerosene or gas! In the city, many families had gas refrigerators. But, that was not an option for most farm families. So, how was a farm home to keep dairy fresh? Kerosene! Yes, this ever so useful fuel could also be used to refrigerate!

How does a Gas or Kerosene refrigerator work? Coolants such as ammonia work by heating the coolant. The ammonia and water heat to a boiling point, the gas moves to a condenser and becomes a liquid again. At this point it moves to an evaporator, and mixes with hydrogen gas and evaporates, this causes the cooling. The Cycle then repeats.

You can read more about the process here.

The neat thing is, basically any regulated heat source can be converted for Refrigeration! How cool is that??

I am now on the hunt for one of these antique awesome gems! But, a small gas unit can be bought for camping, RVing, or in a situation in which you don't have electricity. Some even have the ability to be powered from multiple power sources. 

~Have you found any antique goodies to add to your emergency supplies?~

Friday, January 11, 2013

Best Of Pinterest...Week 2 Health Edition

Can you believe we are in Week 2 of 2013?!?!  Every Friday I will be featuring a few of my favorite Pinterest finds for the week! Be sure and follow me! This week I am featuring a few Healthy and Good For You ideas!

We swear by this at my house! Honey and Cinnamon cold Remedy - Did you know that a honey & cinnamon mix will usually knock out a cold within a day or two? Both honey and cinnamon are antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal. Also knocks bladder/kidney infections, reduces sugar levels, blood pressure, acts as a pain reliever for arthritis. And much more!
Again.. Something we adhere to here is our home! Help your body heal!

I absolutely love Wellness Mama's Blog! We will be doing the challenge. Will You?
You will not believe all the health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar! So Healthy! We use Bragg Organic Apple Cider vinegar. It is unpasteurized and contains 'the mother' which contains lots of healthy goodies! Each day I enjoy a glass of ACV, honey, and water. This has significantly helped my allergies, headaches, and congestion!
This is a must read! Did you know you CAN remineralize and heal your teeth naturally? Did you know conventional toothpaste can inhibit this process? Check this out! Super easy and relatively inexpensive tooth powder

~What are your favorite home and natural remedies? Did you find anything awesome on Pinterst this week?~