Friday, November 23, 2012

Shelf Reliance Black Friday Sale!!

Get the best deals of the year during our Black Friday sale! ALL THRIVE products are discounted, so you can save big on convenient, delicious THRIVE foods and get fantastic prices on Food Rotation Systems and emergency supplies too! Take a look at our great Black Friday deals below; the shown sale pricing will become active at 12:01 am MST Nov. 23rd and will be available until 11:59 pm MST Nov. 26th. Products are available while supplies last only, so order now to stock your Home Store at the best prices all year!

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Expedition Basic 4 Person Kit $184.99 $142.09 Save Over $40!

Grain Mill Wheat Grinder $79.99 $47.39 Save Over $30!

Cansolidator Cupboard  $34.99 $17.89 Save almost Half!

1-Year Basic FD & DH Pack$2,083.99 $1,667.19 Save Over $400!

My Favorite Product! Instant Milk $21.69 $16.29

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Now is the Time To Prep

Prepping and Food Storage is becoming more and more appealing to many Americans. The Devastation of Hurricane Sandy left millions with out electricity, heat, or food for extended periods of time. 2 Weeks Later, Many are still with out power. There are long lines at the gas stations. Empty Super Market shelves. Many families are resorting to dumpster diving to feed themselves. Recovery from such devastation will take time. All those struggling through this are in our hearts and prayers.

Many others are worrying about the economy as it continues to decline. Just days after the elections, we saw stocks yet again plummeted 300+ points and mass layoffs announced. 
The National Debt continues to rise.

Economic uncertainty is on many peoples mind.

The situation in the Middle East continues to be unstable.

 But, There is Good News! There is hope! We do not have to fear these troubling times! We can face them with certainty the we will be just fine. *We can Prepare* You Home Store and food storage is not just for saving time and convenience. It is Shelf Stable, Portable, Easy to prepare food that can feed your family no matter what uncertainty you may face!! It is your Security that you will always be able to feed your family, in a healthy way, no matter what tomorrow brings. 

Now, is the perfect time to start or continue your food storage.You can build it up on your budget. Whatever that may be.  I pray it is never necessary for you to live on it. But, With a 25 year shelf-life. It will always be there for you and your family if you do need. it!

In An Unfortunate Situation, Would you rather have this...

Or Face Some of the Countless Examples from History?

Be Prepared! Not Scared!