Friday, November 23, 2012

Shelf Reliance Black Friday Sale!!

Get the best deals of the year during our Black Friday sale! ALL THRIVE products are discounted, so you can save big on convenient, delicious THRIVE foods and get fantastic prices on Food Rotation Systems and emergency supplies too! Take a look at our great Black Friday deals below; the shown sale pricing will become active at 12:01 am MST Nov. 23rd and will be available until 11:59 pm MST Nov. 26th. Products are available while supplies last only, so order now to stock your Home Store at the best prices all year!

Great deals available on the most popular products! A few of my favorite deals....

Expedition Basic 4 Person Kit $184.99 $142.09 Save Over $40!

Grain Mill Wheat Grinder $79.99 $47.39 Save Over $30!

Cansolidator Cupboard  $34.99 $17.89 Save almost Half!

1-Year Basic FD & DH Pack$2,083.99 $1,667.19 Save Over $400!

My Favorite Product! Instant Milk $21.69 $16.29

~~And So Much More! Over 150 products on Sale! Don't miss these savings!~~

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Now is the Time To Prep

Prepping and Food Storage is becoming more and more appealing to many Americans. The Devastation of Hurricane Sandy left millions with out electricity, heat, or food for extended periods of time. 2 Weeks Later, Many are still with out power. There are long lines at the gas stations. Empty Super Market shelves. Many families are resorting to dumpster diving to feed themselves. Recovery from such devastation will take time. All those struggling through this are in our hearts and prayers.

Many others are worrying about the economy as it continues to decline. Just days after the elections, we saw stocks yet again plummeted 300+ points and mass layoffs announced. 
The National Debt continues to rise.

Economic uncertainty is on many peoples mind.

The situation in the Middle East continues to be unstable.

 But, There is Good News! There is hope! We do not have to fear these troubling times! We can face them with certainty the we will be just fine. *We can Prepare* You Home Store and food storage is not just for saving time and convenience. It is Shelf Stable, Portable, Easy to prepare food that can feed your family no matter what uncertainty you may face!! It is your Security that you will always be able to feed your family, in a healthy way, no matter what tomorrow brings. 

Now, is the perfect time to start or continue your food storage.You can build it up on your budget. Whatever that may be.  I pray it is never necessary for you to live on it. But, With a 25 year shelf-life. It will always be there for you and your family if you do need. it!

In An Unfortunate Situation, Would you rather have this...

Or Face Some of the Countless Examples from History?

Be Prepared! Not Scared!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Cabinets for Your Food Storage!

Shelf Reliance is launching new FRS and emergency products! The Harvest Cabinet will transform the look and utility of your Home Store. Order today to get your hands on the latest Shelf Reliance emergency and FRS innovations!

The Harvest Cabinet
Turn your shelving unit into an attractive furnishingit keeps your Home Store at your fingertips and is available in multiple colors and materials to match any d├ęcor.
*FRS not included in the price of the Harvest Cabinet

Available in 4 Colors

Click here to Learn More! 

What is Your Favorite Way to Organize your Food Storage?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Best Of Pinterest: Weeks of 8/19

Happy August!! School is starting and things seem to be falling back into schedule (Including me writing on the Blog! LOL) I want to start begin each week with my best finds on Pinterest for the Week. (And, You can follow my on Pinterest by Clicking Here.) 1. Herbal Cough and Cold Syrup Recipe
2. Top 10 OTC medications to Stockpile and Coupon
3. DIY 'Hilbilly' washing 'machine'
4. DIY Bug Spray
5. Dr Mom to the rescue
~~Happy Pinning!~~ **Don't forget to go to to get the August Q Special and other great deals on all your Thrive && Shelf Reliance goodies!!**

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Being Prepared Makes Sense


1. Get A kit. You can easily create a basic kit. You can also purchase a preassembled kit from Shelf Reliance. Shelf Reliance also has a great emergency kit planning tool to easily customize a kit to fit the needs of your family

2. Have a Plan. Educate yourself on what to do in the event of various types of emergencies including natural disasters and terrosit attacks. Have a plan on what to do. If you Shelter-In (Also Known as Bugging-In), What steps will you take? If you Need to evacuate, where will you and what route will you use? What will you take with you? Be prepared with various ways to contact family. You need to have a local contact and an out-of-state or long distance contact incase you can not make a local call.

3. Be Informed. Educate youself on various emergencies and situations and the best ways to handle them. Learn all you can to be prepared.

4. Get involved. Share with community and friend the importance of being prepared.

To learn More visit or browse the many resources availiable at

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Welcome Back && A Few of My favorite NEW things

Hello Friends,

Woo! I have been away from my blog for waaaaay to long! Boy am I ever happy to be back!! So many new and Exciting things to talk about!

Are you watching Dooms Day Peppers on National Geographic? I love this show!! One of my favorite benefits of my Home Store, we have created using Thrive foods and The Q, is that it serves as 'food insurance' in the event of loss of income, natural disaster, strikes, tragedy, or any of Life's other What-ifs that may come up! In watching Dooms Day Peppers, I came across a GREAT blog, Preparedness Pro, belonging to one of the peppers on the show! She has some really wonderful tips and tricks for food storage, survival, and more!

In the last Few Months, Shelf Reliance has continued to grow in leaps and bounds! It is really exciting!! With that growth has come lots of really amazing new products!! In the next few post, I am going to share some of the New products that I am really excited about! These are but a few of my favorite new things!

Wow! Can you say awesome and super useful?? My husband and I were both super excited to see this one!! You can bet it is on our 'Must-Have Wish List'!!

Silent Generators!! What couldn't you do with these awesome power devices?! If you have ever used a gas-powered generator, you know they are incredibly noisy and can be a bit pricey to run depending on fuel cost. And you can not run them in your home or tent. These generators are totally silent! You can run it indoors, in your tent while camping, or anywhere you need it! How Cool is that!! You can keep this power source charged and ready to go! And recharge it as needed using whatever power source you have available!

The Shelf Reliance Power Station 1000 can be charged from a regular AC wall outlet, or it can capture and store energy from solar panels, a hand crank, windmill or almost any other 12VDC power source. The Shelf Reliance Power Station 1000 stores the captured power in a state of the art Lithium Battery pack to be taken with you and used whenever or where ever you might need it. The Shelf Reliance Power Station 1000 has two 110VAC outlets, two 12VDC outlet and four USB outlets to allow you to easily power whatever appliances you need without the need for any inverters or adapters. Whether you need to power a fridge, laptop computer, lights during an emergency or power outage, or whether you want to watch TV in the woods, the Power Station will give you the power when you need it.