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I have always LOVED food storage, I just didn't know that was what it was called!

I love to stock up, and to coupon, and SAVE on groceries. I am also a BIG fan of 'freezer-cooking'. I love canning. I love food and I love knowing I have plenty of nutritious goodies for my family!
I had started buying groceries in bulk, this worked great for us, mostly because I had much rather PLAN for a shopping trip than make last minute or frequent trips to town. The biggest problem: I bough produce once a month, and it was quickly going bad and growing fuzzies in my fridge! :(

I was in search of a better solution. I turned to the 'wisdom of old', I planned on planting a modern 'victory garden' and doing lots of canning and preserving. Honestly, I was looking at a LOT of hard work!

A friend of mine told me about one of my neighbors I had yet to meet. 'You must meet her! Your just alike! And she is into self-reliance and all that stuff too!'. My friend directed me to my neighbors blog. WOW!! Was I ever excited! Here I was learning about all this amazing freeze-dried food! I though freeze-dried foods were only for MRE's and astronauts! Boy, was I wrong! Freeze-dried and shelf stable foods were what I had been looking for! I immediately contacted my neighbor and learned more about Shelf Reliance and became a consultant! Now this neighbor is also one of my very best friends!

Shelf Reliance introduced me to Thrive foods! Thrive foods are delicious! Fresh Strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and more ready and waiting for me on my shelf! Yummy! Thrive allows me to feed my family fresh, healthy, delicious foods. Thrive helps me reduce waste. Thrive helps me save time and money in the kitchen! Thrive is good for my wallet, me and my family! I love it! We eat Thrive at EVERY meal!!

Shelf Reliance gives me some really amazing opportunities I wouldn't have anywhere else! I love sharing with others about food storage and how creating your own Home Store can save you time and money and help you feed your family healthier foods! I love it! And I love sharing it!

I am also able to make extra income from home! This allows me to continue being here for my family when they need me!
I Love Shelf Reliance and Love sharing it with others!

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