Tuesday, June 7, 2011

30 Days of Faves: TVP

It is no secret, we LOVE TVP. (Our favorite is Taco TVP) And, TVP is my Fave for today!

So, What is this strange thing called TVP?

TVP stands for textured vegetable protein. You are probably more familiar with similar products such as tofu and other soy products. You eat TVP all the time, you just dont call it that. Example: Most Baccon Bits are 'imitation bacon' and are made from TVP. Wolf Brand chili contains TVP. Many fast food chains use TVP in their foods.

"TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein)is an excellent protein source that is easy to store and use. TVP is made from soy flour where the soy oil has been extracted. It is cooked under pressure and then extruded and dried. Not only is TVP high in protein, but it's also high in fiber and low in fat. This makes TVP ideal for food storage and also for every day use. Because TVP is not made from meat, it does not have the contamination risk that many meats have with bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella. Because it is soy based, it is perfect for those on a vegetarian diet. "

We are Texans, and in out neck of the woods we eat meat meat & more meat. I was a little skeptical of TVP. But then I tried it. It tasted just like the real meat! And it was so easy to use! We have several in our family watching their weight, cholesterol, and trying to be as heart healthy as possible. TVP is a great option! We try to have TVP at about  2-3 meals a week. We want the health and economic benefits  with out over doing it on soy. Do what works best for your family. I also like to use half TVP/Half ground beef when cooking. This cuts down on fat, calories, and COST!

What are some of the benefits of TVP?

  • Fewer calories than meat

  • Fat free

  • Low in Carbohydrates

  • Inexpensive

  • Easy to Store, Long Shelf Life

  • No risk of E.Coli or Salmonella

TVP is excellent for camping and RVing. It is vert light weight, requires no refrigeration, can quickly be re-hydrated or added to dishes.

Thrive offers TVP in several yummy varieties: Taco TVP, Sloppy Joe TVP, Sausage TVP, Bacon TVP,  Ham TVP, Beef TVP, & Chicken TVP.

Because TVP is so low in calorie and fat, you will see it used in many recipes in my new feature, Weight Loss Wednesdays.

TVP has become one of my 'go to' staple items. If we are traveling, TVP. If we are short on time, TVP. Of we are short on cash, TVP. Trying to drop a few pounds, TVP.

Do you use TVP? Have a recipe using TVP you'd like to share? Comment Bellow.

Would you like to try Taco TVP? Contact me, I will be happy to send you a sample!

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