Monday, June 13, 2011

30 Days Of Faves: Gifts for Dad

It's Almost Father's Day!

So as Part of my 30 Days of Faves, I am going to share with you some great goodies for dad! I'm going to cover some more great goodies for dad tomorrow, so be sure and check back!

Dad's love the outdoors! Get him something to stay hydrated on those outing!

How About a Water Filtration Bottle

This provides clean drinking water on the go. It filters up to 50 gallons of drinking water. Designed for travel, camping, and active lifestyles this bottle comes with its own handy tote for attaching to other bags or luggage.

Or, The SteriPen Journey

SteriPEN utilizes UV (Ultraviolet light), the newest and fastest growing portable water purifier category.

Dad's Love to Cook Outdoors! So get him something he can use again and again!

Sun Oven

This handy Oven  cooks, boils, steams, roasts, and bakes various foods all outdoors using the power of the sun! This oven is light weight and durable and will last more than 20 years!

Outdoor Camp Oven and Stove

Containing twin burners and a spacious oven you'll have plenty of power to get your cooking and baking done right. This stove's folding lid is designed with portability in mind.  It is perfect for your cabin, camping trip, or RV.

Shelf Reliance has all the greatest gifts for dad! Go to today and order dad something he will love!! 

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