Thursday, November 3, 2011

What to do with all the candy?!?

This time of year it seems candy is EVERYWHERE in a great abundance! Most houses are full of candy from Fall Festivals, Trick-or-Treating, or just because there are lots of candy specials, clearances, and coupons this time of year!

So, what to do with all this sweet stuff?!?! 

Let the kids pick a few pieces of candy to enjoy. Put the rest into freezer bags and save for special treats, baking, or Christmas Stockings!

Vacuum Seal it
You could also but your abundance of candy into vacuum seal bags and keep it stored in your 'home store', pantry, or food storage for a yummy treat another day!

Give it away
You have many options in this category, and what a great way for you and your children to give back!

You can send you candies to our troops! While the brave men and women are fighting for our country they might enjoy a sweet treat! Click Here to find out how to donate your candy.

You could also put the candy in 'Blessing Bags' to be given to the needy and homeless. Blessing Bags are a great idea! You simply fill Gallon Size Zip-lock baggies with items such as candies, granola bars, toiletries, ect, that might benefit someone in need. When you come across a needy individual, you give them a blessing bag. Learn More about creating Blessing Bags here.

Some women's shelters, homeless shelters, Children's homes, and other organizations will take donations. You may also check with Native American Tribes in your area. Some reservations, such as Pine Ridge, have many needy families. Candy and sweets can be a great comfort!
You can also use the candies in care packs and Christmas gifts for those in need, such as Operation Christmas Child boxes.

The options for giving are endless!

Share your ideas on what to do with all those extra sweets in the comment section below!

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