Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Volcano Grill Series Event! Watch Online!

Are you fired up about the Volcano Grill?! I am!
The Volcano Collapsible Grill is designed to be a portable, adjustable, and efficient cooker and self-contained fire pit, so it is perfect for outdoor adventures!
This is one really neat grill! It is so much more than a grill, I am not even sure grill describes it properly!
The Volcano grill's unique heating chamber channels the heat upwards towards your food, instead of wasting fuel by expelling heat out the sides and bottom. The Volcano Collapsible Grill can use wood or charcoal!
Once you are finished using the grill, allow it to cool, dump out the ashes, wipe it clean, and collapse and store in the carrying bag.
How cool is that?! A grill/fire pit that you can carry around in a bag!
(This would make a GREAT Christmas gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your life! Or You could use the Volcano grill for an easy romantic <warm> night out under the stars with your hubby!) 
Excited yet?! Well, I have more excitement for you! 
Thursday, November 10th
6:30pm MST

Shelf Reliance Headquarters
or watch it online.
You are invited to an exciting event as we get fired up for the Volcano Grill Series. Special guest speaker, Brandon Payne, will be visiting Shelf Reliance to give a simple demonstration and share fun tips about using the Volcano Grill and other Volcano products. This emergency planning event will show you all you need to know about making fabulous grilled food in the great outdoors.
The event will take place on Thursday, November 10th at 6:30pm MST at Shelf Reliance corporate headquarters, you can join us via our live stream at

This 'class' will be a great chance to get some pointers on how to use your Volcano Grill as well as tips, tricks, and great cooking ideas! A perfect 'refresher course' before all the hunters head out for the up and coming hunting season!
What is your favorite way to cook outdoors?


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