Monday, May 9, 2011

CHOOSE what is best for your family

Call me old-fashion, but, I am not one who likes to be "told" how to care for my family.

I am a big advocate for families researching their options and making the decision they feel is best. I don't always agree with others decisions, but at least the decision is theirs to make.

This holds especially true for me when it comes to the wonderful world of food and nutrition.

This article was of particular interest to me, and I felt it might be interesting to you as well.

FDA conducts armed sting on Amish farmer for selling milk.

A group of more than 1000 DC and Maryland consumers are irate at the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) attempt to shut down their food supply by conducting a sting operation of their private buying club.

Members of the private group contract with an Amish farmer in Pennsylvania to obtain fresh milk and other products from his farm. The FDA planted a spy in the group in October of 2009 to gather evidence against the farmer, for alleged illegal interstate commerce of raw milk.

Claiming that transportation of raw milk across state lines constitutes illegal interstate commerce, the FDA conducted many sting operations and raids against US farmers, providing consumers with fresh milk or fresh milk products.

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Government and other control of our food system is a very real thing. We often take the flow of food to our grocery store and homes for granted. We feel we have a "right" to choose the foods we feed to our family. But the fact of the matter is this is just not true.

A well stocked pantry and Home Store insures you can provide your family with fresh and healthy foods, even if the food supply is changed by one force or another. It is your food insurance.

Starting your Home Store is easy. And with Shelf Reliance, you earn rewards while building your Home Store using the Q. Let me help you and your family create a food storage plan today.

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  1. It's funny how some people think that just because they don't like something (raw milk) that no one can have it and think of all kinds of excuses to stop the market. Plus, if the milk isn't being processed they (the gov't) think they aren't getting their share and want to put a stop on it. I'm all for the barter and trade this country was developed on. Even if it means trading raw milk for fresh eggs. Beef for pork.

    There was a little discusson on FB (where I found your site) about Obama's team keeping an eye out for those that have home stores. Pretty scary when you think about it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Tawny has been a great addition to our family as I'm sure you have been to yours :) Oh...we have an adopted Nicole too :)

    God's Blessings be with you as you continue on teaching about thriving homes. You have a great thing going on here.

  2. I completely agree with you 100%!

    IMO, It is another GREAT example of "Govt knows best" when is actual reality, the majority of people are more than capable of making the right decisions for their families.

    Clean cows and clean farms make for clean milk. However, your typical large scale dirty dairy and dirty cows make for very dirty and likely contaminated milk. But, we all know that. It's illogical to think a major large scale dairy of today could possibly run an operation clean enough for us to drink the milk raw, so, in order to stay competitive, they lobby for raw milk to be deemed "unsafe".

    When you think about it, pasteurizing and homogenizing milk is an incredibly new process. Yet, we have been drinking milk forever! Milk is all over the bible! They drank raw milk and were perfectly fine.

    I love your bartering example. It really makes me wish groups of like-minded Christians still lived in communities together. If i trade you my eggs for your beef, we all have what we need with little waste.

    Please feel free to post the link to the facebook group or discussion for your readers and mine, if you are able. I'm a bit curious and would love to be in on the discussion as well! It is very scary to think the government is keeping an eye on those doing the "right thing" and preparing their families for the unexpected situations that come up in life. But, it also makes sense. If we are prepared then we are not reliant on the government or government controlled entities for survival and comfort. Instead, we turn to our reserve stock, our communities, our families and God.

    I am happy you found my blog! And happy I found yours! We are readers of TOS and so I found lots of goodies I enjoyed reading on your blog! And I love reading your kids and your family's stories! I also have another blog where I blog a bit about homeschooling, staying-at-home, and Christian joys and struggles. You will find the link by clicking the "My Family" button on the right.

    Thanks again for stopping by!!