Monday, April 18, 2011

Disaster Close to Home... The importance of being prepared

Wild Fire... The words make you think of forest fire...

But a lack of rain, and dry windy conditions have created the second disaster in the area recently from Wild Fires.

This time the fires are getting MUCH MUCH to close to home. Lots are being evacuated.

We were all discussing packing up a few things and getting ready just in case we need to evacuate. We were trying to decide what we needed to take, and where we would go.

The last few days we have talked to those who DID have to evacuate. Many were having to buy necessities like clothing and food.

I realised, WE NEED A 72 Hour EMERGENCY KIT!

I know the kit is recommended. Both FEMA and the Red Cross recommend you keep emergency supplies on hand. And Both recommend having 72 hours worth of basic supplies ready to go in case of emergency or evacuation. I know we need emergency supplies. We face power outages and the like rather frequently, but Evacuation?!? I always think of that as something that only happens in areas that flood or have earthquakes or hurricanes...

I had never thought of evacuation as a problem we might face. I had never though that we NEED a kit ready at all times for each member of our family. Evacuation is a real threat that we all need to be prepared for, No matter where we live.

We needed something we could "grab & go" with food, water, & the basics.

 But as the fires move closer and closer, and more and more of our friends begin to evacuate, I realise...


An emergency can happen at anytime & any place!

Since you do not know where you will be when an emergency occurs, prepare supplies for home, work, and vehicles.

Your disaster supplies kit should contain essential food, water, and supplies for at least three days.Keep this kit in a desig­nated place and have it ready in case you have to leave your home quickly. Make sure all family members know where the kit is kept.Additionally, you may want to consider having supplies for sheltering for up to two weeks.This kit should be in one container, and ready to "grab and go" in case you are evacuated from your workplace.Make sure you have food and water in the kit. Also, be sure to have com­fortable walking shoes at your workplace in case an evacuation requires walking long distances.In case you are strand­ed, keep a kit of emer­gency supplies in your car.This kit should contain food, water, first aid supplies, flares, jumper cables, and seasonal supplies.

Here we are praying for rain. Praying for the fire fighters. Praying for those who have been affected and lost everything in these fires. We are trying to come together as a community and support one another... And we are asking everyone to please pray for our area and an end to these devastating fires...

Our family, and many others are trying to prepares incase we are forced to evacuate, in case of emergency.... This reality is a sobering truth as to why we all need to be prepared for the emergencies we hope and pray will never happen...

The View From My front yard today at Sun Set....

Fire Map... The Circles show where the fires are.. The yellow part is the town closest to our home

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